Learning Philosophy

At Learn-Tech.Net, we believe that the mind is a powerful creation:  a phenomenon that is incapable of being duplicated exactly no matter how hard we try.  I know, you are thinking, “Now, why would an IT company say such a thing.”  Well, it is true.  The smarter our devices get, the smarter the minds that create them get; therefore, the creation is always at least a step behind the creator.  What does that have to do with how we learn?  Everything.  Let me back up for a moment.
Studies all over the world (including Harvard Medical School; have been published touting the health benefits of learning something new:  not just cognitive benefits, but also overall health improvement.
We preach more on this at https://learn-tech.net/PRPS.
So, why learn technology?  Well, we didn’t tell you to learn technology; you WANT to learn technology, and that is the salivating of the glands right there!  If you want to learn, you CAN learn.
We believe that everyone can learn because everyone DOES learn.  This is not new information.  You learn when you are seeing with your eyes, and with what you are hearing with your ears.  You are always adapting and making adjustments mentally without recognizing it.  How many times have you heard your favorite television show come on, and in mid-sentence, you start bursting into song- on queue and with the right words (maybe not the right pitch)?
So, you see, everyone can learn anything:  well, anything they want to learn.  With focus, guidance and strong will paired with a healthy imagination, there is no stopping the potential learner; and he or she will be all the healthier by deciding to stretch beyond her current knowledge state.